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Qui suis-je?


Hiii and Welcome! My name is Oriane, I am a Self Love and Relationship Coach, and I help women get over their breakup and love themselves in order to be ready to manifest the relationship of their dreams.


When I was 18 years old, I discovered a book that changed my life: "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. That's how I discovered the law of attraction and started to use it in my life, in all areas: work, health, love, finances...


I didn't stop there and I have continued until today to learn about this law, while pushing my research further on personal development and manifesting my dream life.

In 2018, I hit rock bottom in a very toxic and abusive relationship with a narcissist. It took me a year to get out of it, and you can hear about it on my podcast: Sunrise Date, or on instagram @oriane_dx.


In 2019, I made a life long dream come true: I left my comfortable Swiss life and travelled the world on my own for 14 months. I went from "I could never do it alone, it's so much money, I don't know what steps to take..." to taking action by transforming these limiting thoughts, which allowed me to get on a one way plane to Bangkok without having a plan, but being totally at peace.


I now live in Australia with my soulmate whom I met during my trip, and I created the life I always dreamed of.

My mission now is to help women who are going through a breakup to get over it, and love and trust themselves in the process. This is exactly the transformation I went through, and this is the secret to attracting what you want!

I am excited to share my knowledge with you and help you connect with the best version of yourself.

See you soon!

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